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Athiri is a white-wine grape variety of ancient origin grown exclusively in Greece. It is best known for its use in blends, particularly as a foil for the steely Assyrtico grape variety in the PDO Santorini wines. Athiri's softness and low alcohol makes it well suited to this purpose, and it is rarely found as a varietal wine.Despite Athiri's relative obscurity, it is one of Greece's most widely planted grape varieties, covering vineyards in the Aegean Islands as well as on the mainland. It has been said that Athiri is a modern name for Theriaki, an ancient grape variety appearing in many historical wine-related documents. 

Location: The hilly countryside in central Makedonia.

Soil: Bright sandy loam, rich in minerals.

Sub-soil: Calcareous.

Climate: Continental, with sufficient humidity.

Varietal composition: The noble Greek indigenous grape variety Athiri.

Classification: Protected Geographical Indication Makedonikos

Viticultural techniques: An integrated farming system is applied.

Harvest: Late August.

Vinification techniques: The vinification is made in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks with cooling jackets, where the alcoholic fermentation takes place at a low and constant temperature to preserve the aromas of the grape.

Character: Clear yellow with hints of green; a youthful wine, flowery, pleasantly aromatic with a crisp finish.

Serving suggestions: A wine recommended with grilled fish, seafood, chargrilled vegetables, light cheeses and fruits.

Serving temperature: Best served at 10 – 12 oC.